Etown residents heed call to conserve energy amid out-of-state pipeline freeze

Etown residents heed call to conserve energy amid out-of-state pipeline freeze

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - As frigid temperatures stress the country’s power infrastructure, one Kentucky city is tapping into the kindness of its residents to help fend off a potential problem for others down the line.

Elizabethtown put a call out on social media this week hoping to get enough people to make a small tweak in their lives to create a big difference.

City officials asked their residents to drop their thermostat by a couple degrees if they could.

They added Etown is served by a natural gas pipeline that’s facing a freeze up in another state right now, which could potentially impact supply across the country.

City engineers said Elizabethtown has ample natural gas reserves. So, its residents wouldn’t be affected by a shortage, but, if they reduce usage, they could maintain the supply for others down the line and keep their costs low at the same time.

Matthew Hobbs, an Etown Gas Systems Engineer, said his department has seen an impact since the post.

Hobbs said that’s likely a combination of industrial and residential customers heeding the social media call to action.

He added the conservation difference has amounted to a noticeable difference in community supply and costs.

“We thought, what if it works? What if putting it on Facebook, if enough people actually turn that down a few degrees?” Hobbs said. “They’re going to end up saving money, end up saving gas, which ends up helping us all.”

Those in Etown said the need to conserve energy will remain important as temperatures stay low over the next few days.

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