Louisville couple out half their life savings after dispute with contractor

Louisville couple out half their life savings after dispute with contractor

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A Germantown-Schnitzelburg couple feels lost after spending thousands of dollars on their home, and their troubles started with just a small crack in a wall.

They are now in a dispute with a contractor that they said has cost them half their life savings.

Mary Joe Williams, the homeowner, told WAVE 3 News that after contacting her insurance company about the crack in her wall, she found a contractor on Facebook to do the repair.

“He came out and told me that I’ve got water damage, that he was going to have to break open a wall,” Williams explained. “Which ended up completely demoting my whole room.”

What used to be Williams’ bedroom now has duct-taped ceilings, holes in the walls and stained writing embedded in the wood.

“I pray to my rosary every night asking God to help me through this horrible thing,” she said.

In total, Williams said she paid the contractor $13,500; $10,000 was in cash.

“We were going to save so my husband could retire at the end of the year. He’s 70 years old,” Williams added. “Now he won’t be able to retire because we have to build our savings back up.”

Now the five-time cancer survivor and her veteran husband are left to figure out what to do next.

”I mean, it’s hard to believe three weeks ago I was lying in bed,” Williams said with tears in her eyes. “Lying in bed watching TV in here, and look at this now.”

Debbie D’Angelo, an interior designer, contacted Williams after seeing her experience on social media, and she organized a team who will rebuild Williams’ bedroom. The team has agreed to volunteer on weekends for the next few months.

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