Louisville student awarded $160K to Hanover College

Louisville student awarded $160K to Hanover College

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A Louisville teenager can start college knowing he will leave debt free. He’s living up to the legacy of the first African American student who attended Hanover College.

Trinity High School student Christopher Forehand Junior received the Benjamin Templeton scholarship.

He has plans to pay it forward and to keep looking back and supporting where he’s from.

Forehand received the scholarship in part for his academic excellence, significant impact on his community and commitment to leadership, multiculturalism and social justice. Forehand was one of 10 prospective students chosen to receive the Benjamin Templeton scholarship.

“It puts a little pressure on you,” Forehand said. “You’re carrying the legacy of somebody who’s done something and paved the way for you.”

After an essay, group interviews, project challenges and more interviews, the three time state football champion, one time state track champion and honor student with a 4.1 GPA was awarded with the $160,000.

“A big weight taken off my shoulder,” Forehand said. “I had some big weights sitting on there.”

Weights first lifted by Templeton, a free Black man from Ohio who attended Hanover in 1832. That was 25 years before President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

Forehand said he wants to keep pushing Templeton’s path forward through his own accomplishments and the goals he plans to help others achieve.

“If you can manage what you’re doing in school, not even just school life in general,” Forehand said. “Then you can manage your life.”

Forehand is interested in studying education and broadcasting. He already has plans on getting his masters.

Hanover College, happens to be the same college former Vice President Mike Pence attended.

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