JCPS prepping classrooms for in-person learning

JCPS prepping classrooms for in-person learning

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Jefferson County Public School leaders are preparing to get back into the classroom, and are starting to show how the inside of the school buildings will look different after spending a year away from them.

JCPS elementary schools would likely be the first to return full-time.

On Monday, JCPS provided access inside Gutermuth Elementary where have to get used to some changes.

The changes start at the door with temperature checks, hand sanitizer and color-coded arrows and walkways that guide different grade levels to the same place every day.

There are also X’s on the floor to keep students apart when they are lined up in the hallway.

Gutermuth principal Laura Mullaney said it will be tough implementing these changes from day one.

“The biggest challenge will be that very first day, getting them to pay attention to the X’s,” Mullaney said, “but that’s why we have many adults stationed in our plan along this route to show them that.”

Not every elementary school will look the same, but many of them will have the same resources available.

They will all follow the same guidance, like when students are eating.

For example, numbered desks in the classrooms at Gutermuth represent the place where a student will learn, but also the numbered spot in the cafeteria where that same student will eat.

It’s all about keeping students safely distanced, which is a change of pace.

“We would give anything in the world to be able to hug our kids,” Mullaney said. “We hug them every single day when they walk [down the hallway], but we can’t do that any more. And so that’s just going to have to be a lot of reminders.”

Mullaney said there will be videos made that parents can watch to learn exactly what is being done in the school.

Right now, there is no exact time table for when in person learning will return to JCPS, but it relies on getting teachers getting their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Elementary school teachers would be the first to do that.

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