FBI zeroes in on Louisville’s violent crime

FBI zeroes in on Louisville’s violent crime

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - On average in Louisville, one person is shot dead every 45 hours while another is hit by gunfire every 16 hours. It’s a new reality as the city’s homicide rate has increased by a record 115%.

While Louisville Metro Police Department investigators work as many cases as they can, they now have some back up and a box full of tools at their disposal: the Louisville FBI Field Office has now increased their resources and attention to curbing violent crime.

The agents have a different list of possible federal charges that may apply to certain crimes, an addition to state crimes that would be prosecuted by the Commonwealth Attorney’s office.

Along with a long list of federal charges, the FBI also has more resources, like wiretapping tools, available during an investigation.

Louisville can become more aggressive in combating crime, particularly when juvenile offenders are being used by adult criminals to commit their crimes.

Given that so many of Louisville homicide victims and suspects are just teens, their manipulation is something FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Brian Jones said is definitely happening.

“If they are, we really key in on that and try to get those adults individuals off the streets,” he said.

Sometimes, the violence in Louisville is fueled by drugs, guns, or a combination of several factors. Jones said that’s how the FBI approaches each individual case, with a wide net of what could yield the best prosecution.

The FBI also employs several task force officers who are assigned to specialty units like those handling violent crimes or drug-related crimes. Jones said the FBI has only increased those resources in recent years and will continue to do so.

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