Gamechangers’ Christopher 2X wins award for activism in the community

Gamechangers’ Christopher 2X wins award for activism in the community

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Community activist and director of the organization Gamechangers, Christopher 2X, is adding another accolade to his long list of accomplishments.

The Community Connections Group and Radio Show honored 2X as their 2020 Man of the Year.

When he arrived to the Galt House Thursday for an award ceremony, he thought he was helping present an award. He had no idea it was for him.

For his work with families of homicide victims, work to prevent gun violence in the city and work to provide an outlet for otherwise troubled youth, Community Connections president James Linton said 2X is making a difference.

“If we had just three or four more who put the work in like you, Christopher, we could turn our neighborhoods around overnight,” Linton said.

UofL trauma surgeon Dr. Keith Miller was on hand Thursday to speak to 2X’s willingness to speak with grieving families in a way that doctor’s just cannot as their loved ones suffer.

He said it’s just who 2X is.

“Someone once told me, when the cameras are on, Christopher 2X is there,” Miller said, “and my response was very quick. It was, that’s because he’s always there.”

For 2X, in a year that has already seen 30 homicides and 92 non-fatal shootings, he sees the award as a beacon of hope and wants to remind everybody that they can impact other people lives in their own ways.

“What I love doing and what I’ve been doing, whether people understood it or not, for 20 years probably, is I love to be the biggest cheerleader to let somebody else know, whatever you’ve seen in me, I see in you 10 times,” 2X said.

2X left the Galt House Thursday ready to get back to work.

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