College basketball coaches go casual during the pandemic

College basketball coaches go casual during the pandemic

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - So much has changed in the last year.

If you go to a sporting event, you can’t get in without having your temperature taken.

Everybody is wearing a mask.

These are changes that figure to go away as we get back to normal, but most college basketball coaches hope that one change is here to stay.

“For my wife, she prefers me to wear the suit, because it’s probably the only time I dress up,” Georgia Tech head coach Josh Pastner said.

Coaches are not in agreement with Mrs. Pastner.

While fancy suits and expensive shoes have become the expected dress for multi-million dollar coaches, Post pandemic, it’s quarter zips, polos and sneakers.

“I mean I’m not coaching any different, I’m just more comfortable,” Wake Forest head coach Steve Forbes said. “That’s kind of important for me, now you know, some of these guys that look like GQ models, it probably doesn’t affect them as much as it does me, I’d rather have a little more arm room.”

“It’s just so much more comfortable, and you know, I think we’re in the sports business, so it’s sporting attire and I think I look good in it,” Miami head coach Jim Larranaga said.

Notre Dame’s Mike Brey ditched a tie years ago for the mock turtleneck.

“I tell you when you have a three hour flight after a road game, and there’s only one way to travel back, in slacks and a quarter zip or a polo,” Brey said.

UofL’s Chris Mack is onboard.

“Yeah I mean, it’s obviously way more comfortable, as a lot of coaches alluded to. You know, also just the travel, you know, packing a garmet bag and making sure you got your dress shoes, your tie, your belt, you’re not missing the dress socks,” Mack added.

“You know when I was younger I used to ask my dad all the time, why is it only basketball coaches that have to wear suits?,” Pitt’s Jeff Capel wondered, adding, “You know I’ve also never understood why the hell a baseball manager has to wear a uniform.”

I did track down one hold out, a guy who likes to dress up.

“I’m just a traditionalist, if my staff heard me say that, they may not show up to work tomorrow, they love it, no, they love it, I’m a traditionalist, that’s ok,” Bellarmine Scotty Davenport said. “It’s just out of respect for the game that’s all.”

Mack says he has no problem saving his suits for special occassions.

“I have quite a few,” he said, “I’ll save them for weddings and funerals and they can stay in my closet other than that, for all I care.”

The casual look may be one thing that stays with us after we return to our new normal, sans the masks.

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