Goode Morning Weather Blog 3/4

Goode Morning Weather Blog 3/4

The good news is we are seeing several rivers now receding and should be within their banks by Friday.

Unfortunately, larger rivers like the Ohio and Kentucky...are still rising and I would not expect much improvement from impacts of this flooding until early next week. Not to mention the longer clean-up time required.

We will hold onto the dry weather but it will turn chilly. The colder air will move in Friday and Saturday and we will have a wind chill factor at times. It still, however looks dry.

Next week will be completely different with a surge of warm air that will then lead to fading thunderstorms Wednesday night into Thursday. My concern with this front is that it will “linger” in the area and rain could “train” over the same locations ...adding up totals. It won’t help that a warm front will take over this front and push it back north ...adding more warmth and humidity to the area. That changing of the fronts could last 24-36 hours and it could rain during much of that. Something I will be watching carefully.

That warm front will allow for a stronger system about a week from today or that weekend for its arrival time.

We’ll worry about all of that later :)

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