The difference between COVID-19 and allergy symptoms

Published: Mar. 8, 2021 at 7:38 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - As warmer weather is on its way, it marks the beginning of sneezing and itchy eyes, all signs of allergy season.

Doctors already are seeing patients who think it’s only seasonal allergies, but turns out to be something more.

“And you start talking to them and you find out this is more like a COVID kind of thing,” said Beverly Kestler, a nurse practitioner with Norton Prompt Care at Walgreens.

While both allergies and COVID-19 have some similar symptoms, such as a cough and sneezing, one clear sign that you are not just suffering from seasonal allergies is a fever.

“If you have had fever, I’m not thinking allergies, I’m thinking COVID,” Kestler said.

Healthcare providers said it’s important to remember that if you are experiencing a loss of smell and taste, those are COVID symptoms as well.

Normally after taking allergy medication, symptoms should begin to clear, and if they don’t, you may need to take more action.

“If you have a fever, you need to be evaluated, and if you can’t get somewhere quickly, you need to self-isolate until you can be evaluated,” Kestler said.

With that said, WAVE 3 News found out what you can do now to put your allergy symptoms in check.

“Nasal spray along with your antihistamines work great,” Kestler said.

It’s suggested that you dose up on the two daily, and not just when you’re having an attack. Doctors said taking these steps every day is a proactive measure.

WAVE 3 News also got a tip on the most effective way to use nasal sprays.

“Lean slightly forward and then use your nasal spray,” Kestler said. “Don’t ever use your nasal spray while you’re laying down in bed or you’re slouching on the couch.”

For information on how to reach a doctor concerning your allergy symptoms click here.

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