Family, kids protest to commemorate Breonna Taylor’s death

Updated: Mar. 13, 2021 at 6:26 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A year after her death, people are still chanting Breonna Taylor’s name. Family and advocates who have stood by Tamika Palmer’s side claim justice has not been served for her daughter. Protesters are taking the streets renewing that fight.

”Say her name, Breonna Taylor! Say her name! Breonna Taylor,” chanted protesters in unison around Palmer. As she chanted along, she looks down at the ground, eyes shut tight, she sways back and forth.

The people around her coming from far and wide, for one reason. To reignite the movement on the anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death.

”No justice, no peace,” emanates throughout Jefferson Square Park. People standing shoulder to shoulder around the memorial placed in the middle of the park.

The demand to charge and convict the three officers involved in the raid is renewed by family attorneys, Lonita Baker, Ben Crump and Sam Aguiar.

Now the call to action, demanded by protesters, like Shenita Binns.

”We understand this isn’t an overnight things, that’s why we’re here a year later and keep pressing on,” Binns said.

She visited Louisville from Washington D.C. with her 7-year old daughter. They’ve been coming to the city for protests since last year.

Binns is one of many mothers, families out in protests and showing the next generation what it means to stand behind a movement; especially as a black family.

”She’s been a victim of racism already she’s 7 years old,” said Binns. “I feel like if she’s old enough to have experienced it. She’s old enough to participate and understand the meaning to fight for your right and fight for justice.”

As Ysreal Binns spends her time during protest at the Park, drawing and writing Black Lives Matter in chalk, she sings along to her favorite chant, thinking of Breonna Taylor.

”I love being black, I said, I love being black. I love the texture of my hair, I love the texture of my hair I love being black,” she said.

Protesters then took the streets to march throughout downtown, following behind Tamika Palmer, and the rest of Breonna Taylor’s family.

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