Education bills fuel demonstrations in final days of KY legislative session

Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 6:43 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - On the third anniversary of the Kentucky ‘sewer bill’ that turned wastewater legislation into a bill about teacher pensions, education was a hot topic in Frankfort again.

The clock ticked Monday for the Republican-majority general assembly to override the veto of a controversial school choice bill.

Both support and opposition could be seen at the state capitol. Lawmakers were met with chants and signs.

Demonstrators gathered outside of the capitol.
Demonstrators gathered outside of the capitol.(WAVE 3 News)

“I need them to override the veto because this is going to mean a lot for my family, if this bill gets passed,” Akia McNeary, a parent for HB 563, said.

Greg Tichenor, a JCPS teacher who is against HB 563, said he’s concerned the bill found keep funds from already financially stressed public schools.

″We can choose to fully fund public education, or we can keep tinkering around with these privatization ideas,” Tichenor said.

House Bill 563 would create a $25 million scholarship fund, financed through tax credits.

Governor Andy Beshear last week vetoed it, calling it unconstitutional, and especially harmful to rural districts and public school funding.

Advocates claim it gives lower income families more educational choices.

Around the same time, a grassroots education group, born out of protesting the general assembly during the legislative session that produced the ‘sewer bill,’ made an announcement in the shadow of the capitol building.

″Today is the culmination of frustration, and fighting the same fight year after year,” Christina Trosper with Kentucky 120 United said. “Today is a new day for all Kentucky public employees.”

Members of Kentucky 120 United said the group will start a chapter of the union, the American Federation of Teachers.

KY 120 United leaders said the national labor union will represent Kentucky public employees throughout the education and public employment sector.

With thousands of members in various Facebook groups online, the group said they are still recruiting.

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