Louisville man avoids rental scam, warns others

Louisville man avoids rental scam, warns others

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A man trying to rent a home in Louisville was almost caught up in what he believes is a scam. Luckily, he listened to his gut.

Just days ago, Paul Koronkevich set his eyes on a two-bedroom one-bath single family home. Calling the number listed on the Craigslist ad, a man claiming to be the landlord told Koronkevich he could take a self-guided tour, using an online service called Rently. It gives potential tenants access to a home through coded boxes.

“I told him I was interested, and he said ‘Great.’ He sent me the lease and asked me when I was able to pay, and that’s when It started to feel like there was holes in it,” Koronkevich said.

Koronkevich said he only started getting suspicious because the landlord started hounding him to send $2,500 to move in immediately.

“I pulled the property records, and it wasn’t registered to anyone with that name,” Koronkevich said.

WAVE 3 News found out who is truly managing the property: Property Management of Louisville. The office manager confirmed they are the sole mangers of the home, and they also said this type of scam happens a lot.

From everything WAVE 3 News found, from online records and visiting the house, the man who claimed to be the property manager was not affiliated with it in any way.

“Normally, you can catch these things a lot earlier on. It’s not after you’ve spoken to him, got into the house, checked everything out,” Koronkevich said.

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