Crane falls onto home in west Louisville

Crane falls onto home in west Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A crane fell onto a home in the 1100 block of Plato Terrace on Louisville’s west side.

Louisville Fire Department spokesman Bobby Cooper said the 105-foot crane was removing a tree in front of a house shortly after noon, when it tipped over.

The arm of the crane and the tree crashed through the roof of a neighbor’s house, and the tree fell into the backyard of the neighbor’s home two doors down.

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A neighbor told WAVE 3 News the tree limbs hit her son in the head, sending him to the hospital.

Louisville Fire spent hours at the scene, going door-to-door to make sure the houses in the immediate area were structurally OK.

“Our primary concern at this point is the safety of everyone in the area, and that comes from comes from the workers to the neighbors to the firefighters,” Cooper said. “That’s our primary goal right now to keep everyone safe.”

Neighbors, like Leborah Goodwin, watched as crews cleaned up the mess.

”It was, it was shocking,” Goodwin said. “It was shocking to see because when I mean, when I came out earlier it was all on wheels and everything was good. And then when I go back in, and I get a phone call to tell me to come outside because there’s two fire trucks outside. And I’m thinking, ‘I don’t smell fire.’ And I go out and that’s the first thing I see.”

Around 4 p.m. crews were able to bring the vehicle back onto its wheels and remove the crane from the home. Crews then spent hours tarping the hole in the roof and cleaning up the broken tree branches.

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