Kentucky unemployment: 13 sites reopening for in-person help

Kentucky unemployment: 13 sites reopening for in-person help

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Governor Andy Beshear’s Administration is reopening 13 career centers across the state to provide in-person, face-to-face unemployment assistance.

Bobby Jo Drury is unemployed and told WAVE 3 News she has not been able to get any unemployment assistance since August. Clicking through the state’s website, Drury said she has had no personal contact with anyone at the state who could help with her claim.

“I was getting my unemployment fine, and then they asked for my ID,” Drury said. “Well, when you upload your ID they ask you to hit a document upload. And I did that several times and it never went through. So, it kicked me into under investigation.”

With her case stuck in digital limbo, Drury said she is now broke.

“This is kitchen cleaning stuff, these are towels and blankets,” she said as she pointed to a stack of boxes in her apartment.

WAVE 3 News found Drury packing up, heartbroken, and moving in with her daughter.

“It’s really sad that my 23-year-old daughter has to take care of me, and I am — I’m not even unhealthy,” she said, crying. “And she has to take care of me. Does that make sense?”

Better days may be ahead for Drury as the state started taking appointments online for in-person assistance at 13 locations. She said she was among the first to get an appointment to talk with someone, with her mood immediately lifting.

“It just means I get to see somebody who will click the buttons to make everything happen,” she said with a laugh. “I’m still shaking.”

Her case is still unresolved, but for the first time in months, Drury said she knows what it feels like to be optimistic.

The Kentucky Career Center on Cedar Street in Louisville, which has kept its doors closed to people seeking assistance with unemployment claims since 2017, will soon be one of the sites where people can get help with their claims.

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