Rescuers hoping for criminal charges in case of dog with sawn-off leg

“He solely did this because he did not want to take that dog to the vet.”

Kentucky rescuers believe dog lost leg in 'horrific' act of animal cruelty

COVINGTON, Ky. (FOX19) - Cincinnati-area rescuers are pushing for a Kentucky pet owner to face criminal charges because they believe he abused and neglected his dog.

Dakota Love is the director of Adoption First Animal Rescue KY out of Covington. The rescue helps creatures of all kinds from across the country, specifically those with special needs.

Love said her most recent case, involving a dog named Landon, started in Albany. She learned that Landon had recently injured his leg while running loose on his then owner’s property.

“He could have easily been hit by a car due to neglect by his humans,” Love said.

Instead of taking the dog to the vet for proper medical care, Love said Landon’s owner took matters into his own hands.

“He had told them that he had actually cut his [Landon’s] leg off with a skill saw... The infection was very, very bad. He was swollen pretty bad,” Love said. “If he would’ve been like this any longer, he definitely could’ve died through infection.”

Love said it is likely Landon lived with an open wound for weeks after his leg was cut off.

“He [the owner] has nothing there for pain management,” Love said. “He solely did this because he did not want to take that dog to the vet.”

Landon is now being treated at a vet in Lexington where he already had his leg fully amputated. Love said he is also battling a tick-borne illness.

In Love’s eyes, what happened to Landon is a clear case of cruelty and neglect.

“We’re going to pursue what we can and try [for charges,]” Love said. “We’ve not successfully gotten anyone charged with Kentucky. It’s really, really, really hard. They’re property in Kentucky unfortunately.”

The good news, according to Love, is that Landon is recovering well. The plan is to help him heal and hopefully find him a fitting foster home.

“He’ll never, ever know that kind of life again, and tri-pods, they adjust so well,” Love said. “He will probably be swimming and running and doing everything they all do, just without that leg.”

Love wants pet owners to know there are options for people who cannot afford vet care for their pet. She encourages anyone who is struggling to reach out for help. Her rescue has helped families cover the cost of medical care.

Anyone who would like to make a donation to help pay for Landon’s medical bills or would like to help foster an animal can contact the rescue via website or Facebook.

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