Statute of limitations for child sex crime victims extended under new law

Incest victim’s father, a former LMPD spokesman, serving prison time
Published: Apr. 8, 2021 at 9:16 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Samantha Killary was only four years old when her adopted father Sean Jackman, a former LMPD spokesperson, started sexually abusing her.

“Who was going to believe me against a police officer?” Killary told WAVE 3 News. “Especially one that’s a spokesperson for LMPD?”

Jackman is now in prison after pleading guilty to incest, sexual abuse and sodomy.

Killary said that despite two other officers knowing about the abuse, she couldn’t hold the department accountable.

“It made me feel like I was being silenced all over again,” she said.

The law previously only allowed for one year to sue third parties like LMPD.

“I didn’t start dealing with any of this until I was 23 because my mind was so warped,” Killary said.

But now there’s new hope thanks to House Bill 472, which expands that time to sue a third party, like an agency or corporation, from one year to 10, after the person turns 18.

“To hold them accountable for their role in things is huge,” Killary said.

In her lawsuit, Killary claims Jackman’s former lieutenant, Linda Thompson, participated in the abuse but was left out of the criminal case because the one year statute on a misdemeanor had already passed. She also claims that Jackman’s father Sean, also an officer, only told his son to stop, but failed to report it.

The new bill means more to Killary than the ability to sue.

“I hope that this new legislation makes people stop and think before not reporting,” she said.

Jackman was recently denied parole but still receives a pension. Killary has written a book about her experience called “Out of the Blue” to help others experiencing abuse know that they are not alone. The book recently became available in audio form as well.

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