Lt. Governor Coleman visits Western Ky.

Lt. Governor Coleman visits Western Ky.
Lt. Governor Coleman visits Western Kentucky (Source: WFIE)

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman visited Western Kentucky Monday, touring vaccine clinics and helping to spread Governor Andy Beshear’s goal for the Commonwealth.

Her visit to Western Kentucky started at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital. She then made a stop in Paducah before going to T & T Drugs in Henderson.

She toured the small, one-room vaccine clinic at T & T and thanked Kentuckians for getting vaccinated.

The Lieutenant Governor told us her main mission was to look healthcare workers in the eyes and thank them for their hard work during the pandemic.

Lieutenant Governor Coleman said it’s small pharmacies like T & T that make the Commonwealth’s vaccination efforts so successful.

“Well, when you come to an independent pharmacy,” says Lt. Governor Coleman, “it is locally owned. The folks that own it are your neighbors. You see them at the grocery store. You go to church with them. Their family is probably from here, and so it is a lot more personal.”

The Lieutenant Governor says so far, over 1.6 million Kentuckians have been vaccinated. She says that wouldn’t be possible without both small and large operations.

“It gives us options,” says Lieutenant Governor Coleman, “whether you want to do a drive-thru that is more efficient and get it done, all the way to, ‘I want to know who is helping me here,’ and so, that is where these independent pharmacies come into play.”

The Commonwealth still needs roughly 900,000 more shots before those restrictions can be lifted.

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