Fife discusses decision to return to Indiana

Fife discusses decision to return to Indiana
IU assistant coach Dane Fife (Source: WAVE 3 News)

(WAVE) - Dane Fife has a dream job, and it’s not a secret. He wants to be the head coach at his alma mater, Indiana University.

He took a step closer to that dream when he accepted a job on the IU staff of newly hired Hoosiers head coach Mike Woodson.

Fife took the job after 10 seasons on Tom Izzo’s staff at Michigan State, including the last three as the Spartans Associate Head Coach.

“My dream is to coach at Indiana, is to be the coach at Indiana, and so I’ve never really shied away from that, and so when this job came open, my first objective was to try to get the head job,” Fife said. “I made no bones about it with him, but my second objective is, if they get a former player, or they get a coach that I like and respect, I think, change is good, change is good for me. Change is ultimately good for most, and 10 years is a long time to be somewhere, Coach Izzo agreed with that. When Coach Woodson got the job it really was an easy decision, and I just thought, if he called and offered me the right position and the right description and gave me the right responsibilities that I felt I had earned and had a right to ask for, then I was gonna do it, and so it was pretty easy.”

Fife, a member of the Hoosiers last Final Four team in 2002, knows that there is a great divide in Hoosier Nation.

“We are fragmented, and we as, the state of Indiana basketball, there’s still some missing pieces,” Fife said. “We all, Coach Woodson, myself, we all can talk the talk, but we’ve got to dig in with people and figure it out. There’s no one person that’s causing the problem. It really takes man hours, it takes work, it takes time on the clock that we’ve got to invest. It’s got to be a complete and full investment, but it takes the right understanding.”

He knows what it’s like when Indiana basketball is going in the right direction, and he believes that he can be a big part of getting the program back to that point.

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