SnowTALK! Weather Blog 4/19

Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 8:32 AM EDT
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I know it will be pretty today and most of Tuesday really...but it is the snow that is getting more attention. Good and bad.

Just keep in mind late season snows like this rarely cause big issues and certainly don’t last long. That looks to be the case with this one that will impact WAVE Country roughly in the 9pm Tuesday Night through 4am Wednesday window. The actual “snowing” part will only last maybe 90 mins. Some will be shorter in duration.

It is that short duration and warm ground that will limited what would otherwise have been a fairly big snow event for our area. So those adjustments will bring us to more of a coating to an inch or perhaps just over an inch in spots. And yes, snow can accumulate on a warm night...if it fall hard enough. If this were a daytime chance I would go with a rain/snow mix with no accumulation at all. But the nocturnal timing is a check in the snowfall column.

We will still pick up scattered showers with graupel/soft hail on Wednesday. No issues with that...just a blustery day.

Then will need to watch how low temperatures go Wednesday Night and Thursday Night for any frost/freeze damage.

Not a good week for plants.

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