Restaurants, residents near Churchill Downs prepare for the Kentucky Derby

Restaurants, residents near Churchill Downs prepare for the Kentucky Derby

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - There are 11 days left until Kentucky Derby 147, businesses and those who live around Churchill Downs are getting ready for an influx of visitors.

Wagner’s Pharmacy is considered one of the most famous restaurants in Louisville, and it is especially popular during Derby season. The restaurant sits just across from Churchill Downs.

“We are getting our menus together for Derby, and we are getting our building under control,” Wagner’s cook Pamela Pryor told WAVE 3 News.

Celebrities, jockeys and regular joes will pack the place in just a few days.

“If you go to the Derby Museum, you have to stop by here. We have the best food, we really do. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying,” Pryor said with a smile.

The featured item for this year’s Derby is the Hot Brown, which was created in the heart of Louisville at the Brown Hotel.

“Believe it or not, our Hot Brown has been said to be better than the Brown’s Hot Brown,” Pryor said.

Wagner’s has been featured in movies, and customers can’t avoid noticing its rich history hanging on the walls. Pictures dating back to the 1910′s highlight past winners at Churchill Downs.

While Wagner’s is getting ready to take in crowds, so is Frankie Young, who lives near the track.

“It’s very entertaining to see the people walking up and down the street. Some dressed to the ritz, and some dressed not so rich,” Young said.

While this year’s Derby won’t be held at full capacity inside Churchill Downs, tens of thousands of people are expected, though Churchill will not disclose exact attendance numbers.

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