SnowTALK! Weather Blog 4/20

Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 8:38 AM EDT
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Well the day of change has arrived.

Depending on when you are reading/watching this---you still have time to enjoy some awesome weather this afternoon!

The big changes kick in after sunset. It will start will strong wind gusts, rain showers and temperatures dropping nearly 10-11 degrees per hour for about a 3 hour window. That window will vary on your location but for most it will be around 10pm-2am-ish.

As temperatures drop, the air will cool top to bottom. That will change to rain to snow. It will have trouble accumulating at first but after about 30-45 mins of decent snow---it will start to stick on grassy areas/roofs/etc. And just as it starts to stick---it will end.

So there will be limits on the amounts with some not staying snow long enough to get over that accumulation hump.

And on the flip side, some will stay in that zone a bit longer and could see some of those totals closer to 1″ or slightly above. As soon as it stops, it will start melting away.

It will be a cold and windy Wednesday morning with wind chills in the 20s.

Wednesday will be a weird day as well with sun to start with cumulus clouds filling in fast. Some of those will develop into showers with some soft hail or “graupel”. The wind will keep the chill in the air all day long.

We then will monitor wind speeds and cloud coverage for more frost/freeze thresholds being met Thursday and Friday Mornings. Stay close to the forecast for those updates.

I discuss all of the above and MUCH more on the video today.


And ...BOTS? :)

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