New deli offers fresh food, sense of community in west Louisville

New deli offers fresh food, sense of community in west Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - One man looking to liven up his community is doing so while opening up a new source for food and healthy options in west Louisville.

Some residents of the West End will sometimes have to walk miles or drive out of their way to get what they need at a grocery store. However, thanks to Bobby McDaniel and his family, deep in the heart of the Park Duvalle neighborhood, there’s a place that feels like home.

“I saw there wasn’t any food in the neighborhood,” McDaniel explained to WAVE 3 News. “Right now, [we are] just sticking with that — getting good food to the neighborhood.”

As the co-owner of Bobby Ray and Sons Deli, McDaniel said it’s not just his business he’s trying to spruce up, it’s the entire community. He said the West End has fallen on hard times amid senseless violence and a lack of essentials, like stores with healthy food options.

“Just made it my mission to be upfront, and there’s a lot going on in the neighborhood, and it’s getting better, but if we get the right help, it’ll be better here,” the business owner said. “That’s the whole thing — the better we get, the better they have to get!”

For a young Dereon Moore, visiting the local grocery shop and deli is a family affair.

“It’s good. My mom works here,” Moore said. “She works hard every day, and sometimes I help her.”

The business is a source of income for the employees, as well as a place for the community to walk in, get a home-cooked meal and purchase healthy alternatives.

Rob Jones, who lives near the store, said the development is long overdue. Jones has lived in the community his entire life, and he is one of the many people who have to drive for at least 10 minutes to find a place to pick up or buy food to make dinner.

“It’s very nice to have something like this in the neighborhood that’s close by where we live,” Jones said. “The food is spectacular.”

McDaniel said his contribution to the Park Duvalle area is not going to stop with the deli; the Hemlock Street storefront is just one of many places he plans on opening to bring commerce to the west side of Louisville.

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