Elizabethtown family’s dog ‘lucky to be alive’ after coyote attack

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 11:25 PM EDT
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ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WAVE) - Scarred and traumatized. These are a few of the feelings one Elizabethtown family is facing after trio of coyotes invade their home.

Charlie Miller will never forget the piercing sounds their miniature schnauzer, Gabby, made yelping for help.

”There was a coyote back here, and one over here, and one had her head. and one had her rump,” Miller described the scene he discovered in his front yard when he rushed outside.

Miller found Gabby pinned down by two coyotes, a third one keeping a look out.

”I just ran toward them and yelled as loud as I could,” Miller said. “I said ‘Get out of here!’ Fortunately, they’re still scared of humans, evidently.”

The coyotes took off and Gabby ran back inside. The wild animals left a mark, their teeth puncturing through Gabby’s skin on her back and neck.

Dog, lucky to be alive after a trio of coyotes attack
Dog, lucky to be alive after a trio of coyotes attack(WAVE3 News)

With nearby construction of homes and condos, the Millers said the coyotes are pushed out and into peoples yards to forage for food, attacking pets like Gabby in the process.

”She was so scared she bit me,” Miller said. “She was still in defense mode, and evidently they rolled her in the grass because she was soaking wet. The vet said she was one lucky little girl, coyotes usually do not leave victims behind.”

The trauma that was left behind by the coyotes will stay with the Millers and Gabby, giving them a tough lesson learned. The family now will not let Gabby out by herself.

Charlie and his wife Peggy never had children of their own. Gabby, their only fur baby, is all they have.

On Monday, Gabby returned to her old self for the first time in about a week since the attack. The family hopes the coyotes don’t come back around.

The miniature schnauzer is on several antibiotics and pain medicines to help with the healing process.

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