Floyds Knobs family that lost home in massive fire still ‘blessed’

Published: May. 14, 2021 at 9:36 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A Floyds Knobs couple has lost most of their possessions, and their home is considered a total loss after it caught on fire Thursday evening.

Fire crews were called to Bent Creek Drive around 7 p.m. Thursday, Lafayette Twp. Fire Protection District spokesman Sgt. Ryan Houchen said. When firefighters arrived, they found the fire had already vented through the roof of the home. Firefighters had a difficult time getting water to the home because of a long driveway, insufficient water flow, and limited hydrants in the area, Houchen said

Friday morning, Dale Mills and his wife walked the home, trying to salvage what they could, while also saving their koi fish from the pond beside the house.

“[It’s] heartbreaking at that point,” Mills said about the home.

Mills told WAVE 3 News the couple was on its way to a weekend getaway at the lake when an ADT employee called to alert them the home’s alarms had gone off. Mills said he sent his daughter to check out what happened. She arrived to find the home in flames.

“Instead of going to the lake, I’m headed back here, flashers on, driving fast,” Mills said. “And then my neighbors call, and friends, and say ‘Dale don’t drive fast. It’s going to be totally destroyed by the time you get here.”

Thirty-three firefighters were needed to put the fire out.

Houchen said Greenville Fire Protection District, Georgetown Fire Protection District, Palmyra Fire Protection District, New Chapel EMS and Floyd County Sheriff Department all assisted in the fight, while the Salvation Army Canteen was on scene providing support and hydration for the first responders.

Mills told WAVE 3 News he felt like his friends, who lived in the home before him, lost something too.

“They put their heart and soul in this,” he said. “They lived here 19 years. They’re a great couple. I feel like they passed the baton to us, and we were just saying, hoping we could have as many memories as they did.”

But in the ashes, there is life.

The Mills and their entire family survived the fire. So did their dog, koi fish, and turtle. To them, that’s a silver lining as they start the process of building back from the ground up.

“So, yeah we’re blessed,” Mills said. “God blessed us — my dog, my turtle, and my wife.”

Houchen said fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. He said an update on the cause should be made available soon.

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