Pandemic unemployment issues cause headaches for some on Tax Day

Published: May. 17, 2021 at 7:06 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Despite an IRS tax deadline extension, some are still filing at the last minute. For a number of those cutting it close this year, that has been out of their hands.

The impacts of the pandemic unemployment crisis in Kentucky have prompted people to request extensions, according to a Louisville tax preparer.

At Highlands Tax and Accounting, it only took one glance at the office Monday to notice it’s not a typical day.

“I don’t dress like this every day for work, that’s for certain,” Belinda Pinotti, who is known as the ‘Highlands Tax Lady,’ said. “The last day of tax season is always pajama day at the Highlands Tax office. That is to symbolize that, yes, the tax ladies are ready to rest.”

Last minute filers showed up throughout Tax Day.
Last minute filers showed up throughout Tax Day.(WAVE 3 News)

Pinotti said deadline day remained stressful despite the fact that it fell on May 17, which may be a product of pandemic problems.

“I anticipated that because of the unemployment problems,” she said. “Many people, their unemployment isn’t matching what they received and they’re having a hard time getting through to get those changes made. They don’t want to file taxes on something they didn’t earn.”

Pinotti said those who filed for unemployment and did their taxes, before changes in March were made to how those payments are treated, will also want to keep an eye on their bank accounts moving forward.

“They will be getting a second check,” she said. “The IRS is going to correct that issue. So, they should be receiving more money.”

Highlands Tax and Accounting processed more than 200 extensions Monday.

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