Gaudio’s attorney says client admits guilt, working on deal

Updated: May. 18, 2021 at 6:41 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Brian Butler is representing former UofL assistant coach Dino Gaudio in his federal case.

“Dino Gaudio has led an exemplary life, he has spent 40 years in coaching,” Butler told WAVE 3 News. “During that 40 years he has touched countless student-athletes and made their lives better and he’s always made the communities in which he lived a better place. He came to Louisville as an assistant coach with the intention to give everything he had, heart, soul and mind to the University of Louisville basketball program and his intention was to stay here until he retired in a year. He had received exemplary evaluations. He was a top recruiter. He was going to be the interim head coach when Coach Mack couldn’t coach in February, in a nationally televised basketball game.”

Gaudio was informed on March 17 that his contract would not be renewed.

“When he went into that meeting, unfortunately his contract was not renewed,” Butler said. “He and Chris Mack had been friends for 30 years. That conversation became heated. Coach Gaudio had hurt feelings. He was angry and he made statements in that conversation that he regrets making and he said things that he shouldn’t have said. Unfortunately that conversation was taped and it was turned into law enforcement before there was really a good time for reflection and a chance to walk those things back and his hope is that the people that know him and love him will consider those 40 years of valuable service to not only college basketball, but all these communities and consider this lapse in judgement and the mistake he made in the context of those hurt feelings based on that 30 year relationship and the contributions that he made to this program and reflect well on those 40 years. It is his intention to take full responsibility for the mistakes he’s made.”

Gaudio does not dispute the facts in the charging document.

“He made inappropriate statements and those statements were taped,” Butler said.

Butler says that they hope to resolve the matter quickly and that they have been in communication with the government.

The penalty range for the charge, according to Butler, spans from two years of incarceration to probation.

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