Witnesses to Kroger confrontation say accuser started Mother’s Day fight

Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown originally said 4 Black women attacked her
Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 11:54 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - It’s a story that has garnered attention and created a divide.

A white woman claims she was attacked by four Black women in the parking lot of the Kroger store on Breckinridge Lane, on Mother’s Day.

The accuser, Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown, reached out for help from the Louisville Metro Police Department after the incident. After her first story with WAVE 3 News, multiple people who saw the altercation contacted WAVE 3 News and said Ahlstedt-Brown, who said she ended up with a broken nose, was the aggressor.

Ahlstedt-Brown said that on May 9, a car was blocking her from getting out.

“I get out and I say, ‘Do you guys need any help?’” Ahlstedt- Brown said. She claims that the question led to four women “jumping” her and breaking her nose.

“I do know that I didn’t do anything wrong,” Ahlstedt-Brown said.

Ahlstedt-Brown said the women in the car behind her cursed, threw a cup of liquid at her, then attacked her. Since then, multiple witnesses have come forward, including Rico Vidal.

”As (the other women in the car behind her) putting groceries in the car, I see (Ahlstedt- Brown) hop out her car and say, ‘Y’all need to move your car right now,’” Vidal said. He and another witness who didn’t want to be identified said they saw everything from the moment Ahlstedt-Brown walked out of Kroger.

”She was definitely aggressive,” one witness said. “She would retreat and take a couple steps back, and then charge at them while they were loading groceries in their car. They never left the trunk of their car.”

”When security came out to finally get in between them, this was before any blows were thrown at all,” Vidal said. “Right after, he stood in between them, Pamela swung.”

Ahlstedt-Brown said she believes she was the victim and the “attack” against her was racially motivated.

“Pamela just runs at the girls and spits at them,” one witness said. “And they beat her up. Now she’s on the news saying it was four Black women that attacked her. It wasn’t.”

Other witnesses agreed it was not four Black women. They said one was white, and only two women were physically involved in the altercation with Ahlstedt-Brown.

”If somebody had blocked me in, the most I would have done is said, ‘Would you mind backing up, but oh you’re putting groceries in the car, I’ll wait,’” Vidal said. “That’s all it had to have been ... (Brown) was doing the hand-clapping, saying what she could do to them or what she would do to them.”

Vidal and the other witnesses said they both decided to reach out to WAVE 3 News after seeing Ahlstedt-Brown’s version of the story. They said she lied, and wanted to make sure the truth also was shared with the public.

Ahlstedt-Brown said the attack was broken up by strangers, not Kroger security personnel. However, both witnesses said multiple people stepped in to try and stop the situation, including a Kroger employee, but said that didn’t stop Ahlstedt-Brown

“As (the women in the car) were getting in their car to leave, she approached their car,” one witness said. “(Ahlstedt-Brown) attempted to throw a drink at them, so even when it was deescalated, she continued to be the aggressor. She ran in front of me as I was entering the store to throw a drink at them.”

“That is completely not right,” Ahlstedt-Brown said in response to that account. Initially, Ahlstedt-Brown said the women attacked her.

“I know she threw something on me then we started fighting,” she said.

Ahlstedt- Brown said she stands by her story, although now she said some things are fuzzy. Instead of four, she said it could have been one to three, and she’s not clear on exactly what she said to them.

“I may have asked them to move,” Ahlstedt-Brown said. “I know I did say I’d get back in my car if you can pull up or pull back. I didn’t see them load groceries.”

Ahlstedt-Brown said she has been in contact with investigators, adding that they asked her to be in a lineup. Ahlstedt-Brown and the witnesses WAVE 3 News talked to all said the video footage will reveal the truth. That’s the part of the story WAVE 3 News has requested and is waiting for.

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