Louisville faces 16 straight months of double-digit homicides, based on LMPD reports

Updated: Jun. 1, 2021 at 5:28 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The city of Louisville faces another month of double digit reports of gun violence in May, according to information obtained by Louisville Metro Police.

In May, 20 people have been killed due to gun violence in the city, and another 57 people shot and injured, based on LMPD homicide numbers.

Community activist Christopher 2X, who compiles the data as part of the Louisville non-profit Christopher 2X Game Changers, said the numbers from May means Louisville has faced 16 straight months of double-digit homicides.

“What we’re seeing this year, five months in, is a level of gun violence I never thought I would see in Louisville,” Christopher 2X said in a release.

There have been a total of 77 homicides in the city since the beginning of the year, in addition to 277 people injured by gunfire, according to LMPD data.

2X said the numbers are outpacing last year’s records of 173 total homicides and 586 people shot and injured.

“No question, we have a public health crisis because of gun violence,” 2X said. “What is behind these numbers are families and children who are traumatized, and suffering and their lives will never be the same.”

“When you talk about the mental health issues connected to this, the suicidal thoughts, not even wanting to live anymore because of the trauma they’ve been impacted by; it’s really deep, and it’s something the public doesn’t always get to see,” he added.

Christian Gwynn’s mother, Krista has experienced the pain firsthand. Her son was shot and killed in Dec. 2019.

Christian was the city’s 93rd and last homicide of that year. Gwynn told WAVE 3 News she’s shocked at the rise in violence since then.

“Even though we got a little bit of answers (in Christian’s homicide case) we still don’t feel safe because these kids out here now are doing what they want,” Gwynn said. “They’re just targeting anybody it seems like to me, just because they feel like they can.”

Gwynn now works with 2X and Game Changers to mentor struggling youth before the violence occurs and calls on the public to speak up if they see laws being broken.

“Stand up for your neighborhood and let these kids know if I see you doing something I’m going to tell, and maybe then they’ll realize they have to stop playing with fire,” Gwynn said.

Christopher 2X, a non-violence advocate in the city, tracks shooting and homicide numbers and provides resources to families affected by gun violence through his non-profit organization.

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