Man blames GPS after driving onto golf course

Published: Jun. 3, 2021 at 4:19 AM EDT|Updated: Jun. 3, 2021 at 4:20 AM EDT
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NEWTON, Mass. (WHDH) - A driver who found himself stuck on a Massachusetts golf course is blaming his GPS for the wild ride.

Police say the driver was using the Waze app early Wednesday morning, which he says instructed him to drive up an access road behind a light rail stop and into a fenced off-maintenance facility at the Brae Burn Country Club in Newton, Massachusetts.

He ended up on the golf course near the sixth hole and got stuck down a slope. A worker at the course found the SUV around 5 a.m. and called police for help.

The driver told officers he was dropping off some friends in the area around 2 a.m., got lost on the way home and ended up in the wrong place after taking a wide turn.

A tow truck was called to help lift the SUV off the slope, and the driver was escorted off the course.

“Fortunately, there was no damage to the golf course, no damage to the vehicle, and more importantly, the operator of the vehicle was not injured,” Police Lt. Bruce Apotheker said.

Police say this is a great example for why people should not rely solely on their GPS.

“We tell people: ‘Always use your eyes, your common sense. Don’t rely upon an app on a phone to tell you where to go.’ We’ve all heard stories where an app will take you down a one-way street or lead you down a dirt road that goes nowhere,” Apotheker said.

Police say the driver was not impaired and is not facing any charges.

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