‘She wouldn’t just go missing’: Family continues search for missing woman in Floyd County

Kandi Green Gonzalez, 36, has been missing since June 1.
Kandi Green Gonzalez, 36, has been missing since June 1.(WYMT)
Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 8:32 PM EDT
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PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) -Kandi Green Gonzalez has been missing since June 1, leaving a family to search for their loved one with nothing but questions.

Gonzalez was last spotted in the back yard of a home on Abbott Creek Road, after the people on site recorded an interaction where she wandered around the property before asking them to call her mother. They called, getting her voicemail, and leaving a message that Betty Dixon will never forget.

“She said, ‘Your daughter is here and she says you’re her mother and she wants me to tell you that (her boyfriend) threw her out,’” Dixon recalled. “And I could hear Kandi saying, ‘Mom! Mom! Mom!’”

With that voicemail and a collection of videos, Dixon was able to piece together the interaction in the yard. And though she says it was hard to tell if the events were aimed at helping her daughter or taunting her, the family is just hoping someone can help piece together the rest.

“And apparently there were people in a truck or something- young boys- and they were taunting her,” Dixon said. “So, it’s like she doesn’t know where to turn or what to do.”

Footage Dixon acquired showed Kandi “visibly distressed,” before running through the yard and into the creek.

“Her shoes were found two days late in the creek. That’s the last anyone has seen her,” Dixon said. “She wouldn’t just go missing.”

She said, though there are many rumors and stories about what happened and what Kandi’s state was at the time, one absolute truth remains: They want her home.

“We just want to find her. We just want to find her safe somewhere,” said Dixon. “You know, it’s now day eight and there’s nothing. It’s nothing. Come on, guys. Somebody has to have seen something.”

After Kentucky State Police found nothing in their K-9 search last week, the family felt as if they hit a wall. So, a command center is now open in a vacant home in the area, with the permission of the homeowner, and they have been using the space to meet and coordinate searches in the community.

The family invites neighbors and community members to get involved, now offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads directly to Kandi.

“We need volunteers that are willing to look for her. A lot of people have said they would on social media, but we’re here every day and people haven’t come here to reach out,” said Kandi’s sister, Sue Green Abbott.

And while many rumors and allegations have been swirling around the community, the family just wants real answers.

“She is a missing person. She is a mother. She is a sister. She’s someone’s daughter. And we all need her,” said Abbott. “We need her to be found. We need the help to find her and we need people to feel that, regardless of what someone thinks.”

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