Local faith leaders partner with Dino’s Food Mart to help eliminate crime in the area

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 11:34 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Dino’s Food Mart is often referred to as a crime hot spot. In the past, Metrosafe received more than 500 calls for complaints involving the west Louisville store, which included reports of shootings, assaults, drug use, and prostitution.

Dino’s was running the risk of closing down for good, but Pastor Edith Jones of the Sanction House Missionary Church is taking a stand, saying Dino’s is where change starts.


“It’s showing the community that there is a way back even for anybody,” Pastor Jones told WAVE 3 News. “Even a business going down if the community steps in and help.”

Several local faith leaders and teenagers joined Jones and Bishop Dennis Lyons in a Stop the Violence march on Friday. Lynns said he is working with Dino’s to eliminate the constant violence unfolding outside the store.

“Stop selling the drug paraphernalia, stop selling alcohol, clean up the lot, stop the loitering and put some money back into the communities,” Lyons said.

If the owner of Dino’s cooperates with those requests, Lyons said he will do his best to help eliminate crime around the store and in west Louisville neighborhoods, starting with raising awareness of the increasing homicide rate.

Malachai Partee, a 13-year-old participant, said he does not even feel comfortable playing at the park or in his own neighborhood with fear of being the next young homicide victim.

“I want my age kids to know that this is the wrong thing to do,” Partee said. “Don’t be killing each other, don’t use guns, only use the power of voice.”

Partee said he plans to use his voice and he hopes his friends, family, and neighbors hear him and help spread the word.

“It makes me feel terrified,” Malachai said. “It makes me feel that this shouldn’t happen, that this is a wrong thing. It needs to change immediately.”

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