Sunrise Olympics: Reporter, producer battle it out on the pavement

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 11:42 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The athletes, using that term loosely, of the Sunrise Olympic team started intense training on skatebaords. The run for the real gold in skateboarding kicked off July 25 and 26.

WAVE 3 News reporter Phylicia Ashley and producer Greg Phelps hit the pavement, literally, to get a taste of what champions are made of.

Phelps and Ashley started training with safety. They put on helmets and learned the basics of how to get on and off a skateboard with Home Skateboard Shop owner and skater Noah Hulsman.

They met Hulsman and the skaters from the Home Skateboard Shop at Breslin Park.

“We got to build Breslin Park about two and a half three years ago,” Hulsman said. “All the skateboarders raised money to help fund it.”

The next challenge for Hulsman, was training Ashley and Phelps. Phelps asked Hulsman about the best board for skaters.

“This is a great question because it’s the number one question we get asked,” Hulsman said. “With beginners coming into the shop the biggest thing is just, do you like the way it looks?”

Since Phelps and Ashley were training for the Sunrise Olympics, they needed to know how to prepare for the golden moment.

“It depends on which contest or style they’re doing,” Hulsman said. “Whether it’s park street or vert, the big air, stud or mega ramp.”

They kept it simple. Phelps avoided the hills.

“I want to try just making it,” Phelps said.

It takes technique, balance and tough skin. All strengthened after Phelps and Ashley’s multiple falls.

“I think as a skateboarder you have a different idea of if it’s a sport, if it’s a lifestyle, if it’s an activity, " Hulsman said. “I think the legitimization, if that’s a word, is needed right now.”

Meanwhile 8-year-old Miles Anderson has been skateboarding for three years and was getting ready to wallride an egg; it’s an egg-shaped structure in the middle of the park. He practices every day for at least three hours in the morning.

You definitely won’t catch Phelps or Ashley on any full pipes this weekend. However, one day in the future you may see some local stars of your own.

The Home Skateboard Shop invites anyone who’s interested or wants to try skating to stop by Breslin Park any Saturday.

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