Humanitarian makes stop in Louisville to promote peace and understanding

“The Peace Bus," being driven from Washington State to Washington DC, made a stop in Louisville...
“The Peace Bus," being driven from Washington State to Washington DC, made a stop in Louisville to have discussions about bringing the nation together in peace.(WAVE 3 News)
Published: Sep. 5, 2021 at 11:50 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Kwabi Amoah-Forson is on a nationwide mission to promote peace, love and understanding.

Amaoh-Forson is the founder of The Peace Bus Humanitarian Aid Organization. He drives what he calls “The Peace Bus” from Washington State to Washington DC in an effort to meet with President Joe Biden to have a discussion about what can be done to bring the nation together in peace.

This weekend, Amoah-Forson made a stop in Louisville at the Muhammad Ali Center.

“If you ask anyone what they want in their life, peace is going to be in the top three things,” Amoah-Forson said. “Why aren’t we talking about it more?”

Amoah-Forson said he’s not a politician or an economist.  He said he’s a humanitarian.

“The people I’m trying to reach is everybody because the young adults have the ears to hear, but they also have the means to creating change,” Amoah-Forson said.

During his journey, he’s delivering hundreds of books to kids about love, compassion and peace.

“Little girl, age 5, I asked her what peace meant to her and how we can go about bringing peace,” Amoah-Forson said. “She said, ‘Why don’t we listen!’ You know, listening is the cornerstone to peace.”

Amaoh-Forson is hoping people listen to him and help break down the walls between us.

“We talk about the inhibitors of peace, one being poverty, another one being racism, another one being lack of quality education for every child,” Amoah-Forson said. “We can establish these institutions here in this country. It doesn’t make sense that a child that was born in one part of town would have less of an education than another child from another part of town when the solutions that we desperately need are embedded in either one.”

“We need new innovations,” he added. “We need inventions and we need to find the cures to the diseases that harm us all. How can we do that if people are hindered? And they can’t reach their potential because of poverty. It’s impossible. So, if we want peace we’re going to have to address the issue affect us all.”

Amaoh-Forson said he wrote a letter to the White House explaining his mission and hasn’t heard anything yet. He said even if he doesn’t meet the President, he hopes he’ll educate people along the way about peace.

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