East Hardin Middle School prepares to welcome students to new building

‘I’m looking forward to the not so funky smell’
The hallways of the new East Hardin Middle School await the arrival of students on Monday, Oct....
The hallways of the new East Hardin Middle School await the arrival of students on Monday, Oct. 18.(Source: Michael Flynn, WAVE 3 News)
Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 2:32 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 15, 2021 at 2:33 PM EDT
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ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WAVE) - After two delayed starts, a pandemic and a school year later, East Hardin Middle School students will finally get to use their new campus. On Monday, 800 students will take in the new building smell at East Hardin Middle.

Sixth grade Social Studies teacher Brittany Vickeri said she is absoltuly looking forward to it.

“Our old building had a smell,” Vickeri said. “I’m looking forward to the not so funky smell.”

Now Vickeri has a fresh classroom to decorate.

John Wright, the Hardin County Schools public relations coordinator, said in the old building students had to adjust and cater to the facility. Some classes had to be held outside and getting to a bathroom was sometimes a challenge holding some classes outside and diffcult routes to find restrooms.

“She has done her duty,” Wright said of the old building. “There has been a school on that campus in Glendale, Kentucky since 1911.”

Wright said some parts of the building were just as old.

“A school building, they have a life just like humans do,” Wright said. “When you’ve been standing there since 1911 and inviting eight to 900 of your closest friends over every week day for the last 100 somethig years, it was time for a change.”

Wright said moving from Glendale to Elizabethtown made sense because the district buses 80 percent of students from Elizabethtown. It’s going to save fuel costs.

The new East Hardin Middle School caters to the students with more restrooms, newer technology, better and safer facilities and most importantly it’s up to date.

There were a few pauses in the start of the first school bell. The building was expected to open in August until construction and parts delays, then three weeks ago again when the oven hood didn’t work. Vickeri and Wright said the delay was worth it for their gumless, stainless, markless new school.

“One child even told me, ‘this is like a school out of the movies,”” Wright said.

The new East Hardin Middle School building cost upwards of $20 million. Wright said the facility includes state of the art technology, a robotics room and a teacher’s favorite... the flex room, giving more flexibility for learning.

“We’re ready,” Wright said, “these kids deserve this.”

“Our spirits will be lifted,” Vickeri said.

While she loves where they were, Vickeri said she loves the new opportunities and the new paint smell a little better.

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