Louisville health care providers prepare to administer COVID booster shots for kids 12 and up

Published: Jan. 7, 2022 at 2:41 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The CDC now recommends COVID-19 booster shots for kids 12 and older. After the recommendation, health care providers in Louisville are making them available.

“We know that immunity wanes over a few months,” said Dr. Kristina Bryant of Norton Children’s Department of Infectious Diseases, “so five months seems to be the right interval at this point in time.”

Your children can get the booster shot been five months after their initial vaccination series is complete. Appointments are available at local pharmacies and other health care providers.

Norton Health suggests going to available vaccine clinics, family care sites or prompt care locations. You can go to your pediatrician’s office, but they’re dealing with a lot right now.

“Pediatrician’s offices have the vaccine,” Dr. Bryant said, “but they are very busy right now seeing sick kids.”

Dr. Bryant said those offices are inundated with other sicknesses like the flu or RSV. Kids are being sent to the hospital and testing positive for COVID-19, but less than a dozen (at Norton facilities) are in the hospital because of their COVID complications.

”The rest of the kids that have positive test results are actually there for something else,” Dr. Bryant explained.

The virus hasn’t been proven to be extremely harmful to children, but they are contracting the virus at a higher rate. As of Friday, Norton Health has tested 3,741 kids in January and 32 percent of those results came back positive. Those kids can in turn spread it to more vulnerable populations, but vaccines and boosters can prevent that.

“Just because it’s not 100 percent effective doesn’t mean it’s not effective at all,” said Dr. Bryant.

In Kentucky, more than 50 percent of kids over 12 haven’t had their first dose of a vaccine.

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