Low temperatures, cost of gas lead to higher LG&E bills

People have reported drastically higher LG&E bills this winter.
Published: Jan. 31, 2022 at 11:29 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Cold weather is taking a toll on gas and electric bills this winter.

Many customers have reported drastically higher LG&E bills this season, including Michael Acklin.

Acklin said he was shocked when his bill came in January 22.

“I’m very, very budget conscious,” Acklin said. “I have my budget book. I mean I budget down to the pennies.”

Acklin has his LG&E bills from this winter and last winter. In January of 2021, he paid $168. Twelve months later, his bill is $212. The statement also shows that he used less gas in 2022.

LG&E spokesperson Natasha Collins explained that bills have gone up for two reasons.

The first: people use more gas during cold months.

“Already in January, it’s been 15 percent colder in 2022 than it was last year,” Collins said. “So the furnaces are working harder to maintain that warm temperature in the home.”

The second reason is that the cost for wholesale natural gas has increased. That increase impacts how much the utility company pays for the gas, which is then delivered to customers.

It’s something the company warned people about in the fall.

“That’s a cost that is passed on dollar-for-dollar with no markup to customers as a line item on their bills,” Collins said. “But because we are seeing those increased costs nationwide, then that’s having an impact as well.”

Collins said the cost for natural gas is adjusted quarterly, so that price could go down during the next season between February and April. She’s hoping that will lead to lower bills. Collins is encouraging people to reach out to customer service if they need help paying for bills.

Acklin said he’ll find a way to pay this bill, but moving forward he’s keeping his thermostat a little bit colder and keeping the lights off when he doesn’t need them.

“I’m going to challenge myself to see what my next bill is going to be,” Acklin said.

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