48 jurors picked for Hankison trial

The 48 will be questioned in two group sessions on February 22 to get down to the final jury.
Published: Feb. 11, 2022 at 6:38 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - After four days of individual questions, a pool of 48 jurors will move on to the final questioning session in the Brett Hankison trial.

He’s the former LMPD officer charged with three counts of wanton endangerment, accused of shooting through Breonna Taylor’s apartment into the neighbors.

The prosecutor told the judge the FBI has not released the physical evidence to the Kentucky Attorney General’s office, including Hankison’s gun.

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They want to use it to give a demonstration to the jury and they may be able to get a duplicate gun.

WAVE reached out to the FBI but have not been given an official statement.

We also learned the final jury will be taking a tour of Breonna Taylor’s apartment as well as the neighbors’ apartment early in the trial.

It was a little unclear what condition the apartments are in. The prosecution told the judge some repairs have been made.

She also told the judge the jurors would see some bullet holes, as well as cuts outs in the wall which the FBI made to retrieve bullets for evidence.

The final jury will be picked on February 22 after two rounds of group questioning.

Hankison’s defense attorney said he’s pleased with who they’ve got to work with.

“Those who had formed opinions and wouldn’t change them were excused for cause, and some of the most blatant biased people were absolutely excused, so we’re down to what I think are going to be 48 good fair people to choose from,” Stewart Mathews said.

Some examples from the last four days of questioning include a couple potential jurors who told the lawyers they simply thought the police were doing their job and could not be guilty of a crime.

Some also said they believed Hankison was guilty now.

The prosecution says they’re going to call 30 witnesses. The defense team said their witnesses will be mostly the same.

The trial is supposed to last two weeks.

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