LMDC opens doors to its home incarceration program

LMDC allows WAVE behind bars to discuss its home incarceration program
Published: Feb. 18, 2022 at 4:34 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - While LMDC could not speak specifically about the Quintez Brown case, they did allow WAVE behind bars to discuss its home incarceration program.

Ankle bracelets worn by home incarceration inmates tracks their movements 24/7.

Once a judge allows someone to go on home incarceration, one can choose where they will be held.

“It’s common for a person who goes to home incarceration to go stay with a family member or friend,” LMDC officer Major Darrell Goodlett said.

The caveat is that the homeowner must agree to the rules of home incarnation including knowing that at any time, home incarceration officers can gain access to the home without a warrant.

“A lot of times they will go into homes and remove large amounts of drugs and weapons from the street based on the home checks they are doing,” Goodlett said.

Goodlett said on Wednesday officers pulled two AR-15′s from off the street following a home inspection.

“It’s a very complex job and it’s a very active job,” Goodlett said. “Our home incarceration officers do a good job over there.”

Right now, during the day shifts, there are five officers who work in the home incarceration office.

They are currently watching over 650 inmates with the help of technology.

The department added it’s looking to add more officers to the unit, because in some cases, home incarceration is better for the inmate and cheaper on taxpayers.

“If they can stay on home incarceration, it costs a lot less money to have someone home incarcerated than to incarcerate them in jail,” Goodlett said. “And they also have a lot more opportunity for therapy and substance abuse treatment.”

Goodlett added that while LMDC has rehabilitative programs inside the jail, for low level offenders, home incarceration provides more opportunities for people to get more treatment.

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