‘We are still going to fight’: Breonna Taylor’s family speaks at peace march two years after her death

A peace rally was held at Jefferson Square Park to remember Breonna Taylor, two years after her death.
A peace rally was held at Jefferson Square Park to remember Breonna Taylor two years after her death.
Published: Mar. 14, 2022 at 12:54 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) -Breonna Taylor was remembered at a Peace Rally Sunday; marking two years since she was killed.

Her name has become a rallying cry in the streets of downtown Louisville and her name rang out again at Jefferson Square Park.

Taylor’s family said they are still searching for their version of justice. Justice, her family said that they believe, eluded them since March 13, 2020, when Taylor was killed as part of an LMPD drug raid on her apartment.

It was night that sparked protests and change across the city of Louisville. Some at Jefferson Square Park said two years later, they believe more needs to be done.

“Breonna has still not received justice and it has been two years. We are still going to fight, we are still gonna apply pressure, if it takes ten years, fifty years, we are gonna do this until it is done right,” Kori Baskin, Breonna Taylor’s cousin, said. “She was loved by people she didn’t even know. It is great to know. It is great to know that we are also loved and we have that support system.

They said to them, justice means the officers present that night will, at some point, be indicted and charged. On May 3rd, Former LMPD Detective Brett Hankison was found not guilty by a jury for wanton endangerment charges stemming from that incident.

They also said they want Breonna’s Law to be passed statewide.

Louisville banned no-knock warrants last spring and also required police to wear body cameras while serving warrants. The state law fell short of the total ban that many activists were asking for.

Louisville born activist and artist Sean Ali Waddell said he’s been a voice at the protests for two years.

“Its always so far off in our brains, oh that is somebody else,” Waddell said. “But when its your family, when you’ve at with this family, when you cry with them, names on t-shirts aren’t foreign. It’s you.”

In that time, he said he’s gotten close to Taylor’s family, especially her mother Tamika Palmer. Waddell said he brought his mother to meet Taylor’s at the rally.

“I had my mother come here today. My mother met her mother. Seeing my mother help her, what is the difference from it being one mother grieving her child, to the next? Chance,” Waddell said.

A balloon release was held toward the end of the rally for Taylor.

“It’s just amazing that people are still fighting for her after two years and just knowing that this fight is never over until we receive justice.” Baskin said.

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