Family rebuilds from blown off roof; NWS: Preliminary reports indicate EF-1 tornado in Hardin County

One of the hardest hit homes was in Hardin County; the Covell’s roof was blown to pieces.
Preliminary reports released from the National Weather Service on Saturday indicate that an EF-1 tornado hit near Elizabethtown in Hardin County.
Published: Mar. 19, 2022 at 4:05 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Brian Covell and his wife Kendra’s home was severely damaged by the storm that hit near Elizabethtown in Hardin County. Their roof was blown to pieces by the tornado that brought winds as strong as 97 miles an hour.

The preliminary reports of the EF-1 tornado that were released from the National Weather Service on Saturday indicated that severe weather moved through the region Friday evening going into Saturday.

The Covell’s home is on the corner of Spears Lane and St. John road. The Covell’s said their Friday night began like any other.

”It was around 10:30, and we were in the living room watching TV,” Brian said. “We could hear a thunderstorm off in the distance and didn’t think too much of it at the time.”

Then, he said the thunder got closer and a storm warning popped on the television.

”The wind went from, just kind of being a normal thunderstorm, to all of a sudden it was just very- super intense,” he said. “It sounded like a wall of wind slapping the house.”

The Covell’s said they grabbed their kids and headed for shelter in the basement. On their way down to the basement, the power shut off. He also said the storm seemed to pass after just a few minutes, once they got into shelter.

When they came upstairs, he said he began to survey the damage.

”When you get up there, you see glass, and you see water,” He said. “And then you see flashes of light through the ceiling. You know that it is pretty serious.”

Other damage included broken windows and indoor flooding.

Covell said he was grateful for his family, neighbors, and friends who came to help repair the damage Saturday.

”Well, I mean, it is family. It means a lot. Any little bit that you can do. We are here for them,” their cousin Chris Covell said. ”We are a crutch for them to land on.”

The Covell’s said they’re overwhelmed, but trying to take it a day at a time. They said they are grateful no one was hurt and to have family and friends by their side.

”It has helped to heal the burden and the pain of it all,” Brian said. “It is good to have people close to you that are willing to help and that love you.”

The NWS Louisville posted to their Twitter page saying that EF-1 tornado damage with winds up to 97 miles per hour occurred six miles west of Elizabethtown.

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