Two more guns at JCPS schools raises record-breaking total

Parents turn to WAVE News Troubleshooters for answer after a huge fight Wednesday at Ballard that flew under the radar and a gun at Valley on Friday.
Published: Mar. 25, 2022 at 4:34 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - More guns have been found on Jefferson County Public Schools students.

Valley Station High School staff members found a gun hidden in a student’s backpack on Friday morning. Valley Principal Mike Kelly explained in a letter to parents and guardians that the gun was discovered while the student was being searched “for an illegal substance.”

“We confiscated the weapon and alerted JCPS security,” Kelly said. “The student never displayed or used the weapon in a threatening manner.”

He added that the student would be disciplined but made no mention of an arrest.

In an email, a JCPS spokesperson initially denied knowledge of another incident involving an Iroquois High School student with a gun.

“I’m not aware of a gun being found at Iroquois last week,” Mark Hebert responded.

WAVE Troubleshooters then combed through hundreds of pages of reports to obtain a copy of the police citation, which confirmed the information. An Iroquois student was cited last week for unlawful possession of a weapon on school grounds, which is a felony.

Police were called by an adult who said that the student had gotten into the safe and taken the gun without permission.

The student admitted to bringing it to school but stated that she “had no intention to do harm,” according to the document.

JCPS responded further to say the student’s mother called the school to give them notice that she’d found her gun in her daughter’s backpack once she’d picked her up from class.

School administrators looked at surveillance video and did not find evidence of a gun, Hebert said.

At some point, JCPS security and the school’s principal were made aware the student had been charged with bringing the gun to school.

No letter was sent home to parents about a student allegedly having the gun at school, or the arrest. That’s because, Hebert said, the gun was not found by police on school property and it had not disrupted class.

Principals are not required to send parents letters for things that happen outside of school grounds, he added.

JCPS has seen 19 incidents involving guns this school year. This is the third incident at Iroquois High School and the first at Valley High School.

Louisville activist Christopher 2X said the violence among teenagers is worse than ever.

”Pretty much saying that you know there’s something coming down the pike and you just want to turn a blind eye, because for some reason or another you just want to wish away the problem, that is not the reality,” 2X said. “The reality is guns are being brought into the schools and that’s a deep, deep issue.”

JCPS has seen 19 incidents involving guns this school year. This is the third incident at Iroquois High School and the first at Valley High School.

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