Property destroyed, roads blocked: Louisville residents just thankful nobody was hurt in severe storms

At least one EF-1 tornado is believed to have touched down during the storm.
Published: Apr. 14, 2022 at 1:50 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - After at least one EF-1 tornado touched down in Jefferson County, residents are thankful nobody was hurt, especially in the southeast part of the county.

”We got some cars under some trees and some smashed stuff,” said Scott Crume, a southeast Louisville resident, “but at the end of the day that stuff can be replaced and and time will go on.”

Crume’s yard full of trees is almost completely gone, and it all happened so quickly he said. He was actually finishing up a quick task outside right before the strong winds hit.

“I got probably five steps or so into the house and the power went out,” Crume said. “I looked out my kitchen window and all my trees were laid over.”

Crume said he has an underground cellar, but it would have been tough for him, his wife, and his dog to get there with how quickly it all happened.

“As quick as it all came up, I don’t know that we could have gotten to the cellar in time,” he explained. “We just rode it out in the house and got centrally located away windows and thankfully we didn’t have anything come through the house, but it got pretty wild outside.”

Down the street, more people struggled with similar problems, but together, they said, they’ll get through it.

All of them were thankful for the help they’ve already received from friends, family, and neighbors.

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