Quintez Brown to remain in federal custody; home incarceration appeal filed

In court, the prosecution argued with new evidence that Quintez Brown had targeted Craig Greenberg in the shooting at his campaign office in Butchertown.
Published: Apr. 15, 2022 at 3:54 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Quintez Brown, accused of attempting to shoot and kill mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg, will remain in federal custody as an appeal was filed for a judge’s ruling on home incarceration.

Brown appeared in U.S. District Court on April 15 for a scheduled detention hearing. He was served an indictment by the U.S. Department of Justice on April 6, where he was charged with interfering with a federally protected right and using and discharging a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.

During the hearing, prosecution provided new evidence on Quintez Brown’s gun purchase history and activity before he was arrested following the shooting on Valentine’s Day.

The prosecution argued with new evidence that Brown had targeted Greenberg in the shooting at his campaign office in Butchertown.

The first item prosecutors brought to the judge’s attention was an article written by Brown for Medium.com, where he discusses politics and writes voting and petitioning would not be sufficient “for our liberation.”

Prosecutors argued the tone of the article suggested radicalization toward political violence.

Records obtained through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives revealed Brown had purchased a gun on January 12, nearly one month before he was charged with attempted murder and wanton endangerment.

Prosecutors said they also obtained surveillance photos from an Indiana shooting range on Jan. 22, where Brown could be seen practicing operation of a firearm.

Brown’s internet history was also brought up to the judge. On Jan. 24, Brown tweeted a picture of Greenberg on fire, writing “gentrification is violence.”

On Feb. 10, Brown is said to have searched for Greenberg’s home address, and the following day, a search was made for Greenberg’s campaign office address.

Brown had then searched for Greenberg’s son after the mayoral candidate mentioned he was in a play. Search history showed Brown had searched for the name of the play and its opening night.

On Feb. 13, Brown was driven to Greenberg’s home with a gun in his possession. A search made on his phone minutes later showed him looking up a backward loaded bullet after his gun jammed. He then searched for a gun store that was located near Greenberg’s home.

Additional evidence revealed Brown had purchased another gun at a pawn shop the day of the attempted shooting.

Prosecutors argued that with the research evidence for Greenberg and another mayoral primary candidate, Brown should be in jail pending trial.

Brown’s attorney, Rob Eggert, called up multiple witnesses to the stand who testified Brown should once again be released to home incarceration at his grandmother’s home, arguing Brown’s mental illness.

“The sad truth is, our jails have become mental health wards for individuals that would be better off if they were released,” Patrick Renn, Brown’s other attorney said.

Following the shooting, Brown was placed in custody at LMDC, but was later released on home incarceration after the Louisville Community Bail Fund paid his $100,000 cash bond.

During this time, Brown was admitted into Our Lady of Peace for mental health observation on Feb. 20 and was later released on Mar. 7.

The federal judge ruled Brown could be released on home incarceration, but the ruling was stayed so prosecutors could file an appeal with the district court.

“After (Brown’s) family, to think that he is coming home to start getting the treatment that he needs, and be under the care of his family and the people who can really make sure that he’s getting that emotional support that he needs, all of a sudden that was taken away very quickly,” Renn said of the stay.

Brown will remain booked in the Grayson County Detention Center pending the outcome of the appeal.

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