After dominating primaries, Charles Booker and Rand Paul set sights on US Senate

The two candidates won their respective party's nominations Tuesday night and will run against one another in the November General Election.
Published: May. 18, 2022 at 6:06 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A day after winning their respective party’s nominations, Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Charles Booker are back to work, campaigning to win the United States Senate seat.

Booker celebrated his nomination at Ten20 Brewery in Louisville’s Butchertown neighborhood, while Paul learned of his nomination in Washington D.C.

On Wednesday afternoon, the two candidates told WAVE News they’re confident.

“I enjoy doing it,” Paul said via Zoom. “I don’t take anything for granted, and every day we’re meeting with constituents and finding out what we can do better.”

“There’s a sense of confidence,” Booker said. “We know the wind will be at our back. We know we did something big for Kentuckians and now we’ve got to bring it home.”

The six-month race to November will be an uphill one for Booker.

The Associated Press reported in February Paul had accumulated a major fundraising advantage. He’s also the 12-year incumbent and a fixture in the day-to-day of the U.S. Capitol.

But Booker, a progressive Democrat, told WAVE News he sees a clear path to victory.

“We’re reaching out to folks organically saying, ‘look, talk about what pisses you off; what do you care about,’” Booker said. “And so, I’m going to the counties that have been historically Republican or don’t typically vote and we’re building relationships.”

Paul believes his path to victory is paved with consistency.

The Libertarian-leaning Senator told WAVE News his is to continue his current work in Washington, fighting against the establishment of both parties, while continuing to spend time across Kentucky.

“When people come up to me, they often will say, ‘look, I don’t agree with everything you say, but I know you are a truth teller, that you’re honest with your opinions, that you’re unafraid of the establishment of either party and that you’re independent,’” Paul said.

And though these candidates could not be any more different, they believe the same issue is at the forefront of this election - inflation.

”A lot of the way we can help drive down cost, and also get more money in the pockets of Kentuckians, is to invest in people,” Booker said. “Build our infrastructure, make sure we’re building up local economies. Rand Paul opposes all of that.”

”The moral of the story is this - we can’t spend money we don’t have,” Paul said. “We can’t keep giving money to everybody around the world or across the United States. We have to balance our budget and quit borrowing so much money. [We have to] quit digging the hole. The hole is the debt. Quit making the debt bigger. We added six trillion in debt in the last two years. Quit adding so much.”

Kentucky has not elected a Democratic senator since Wendell Ford in 1992.

General Election Day is November 8.

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