Family of woman allegedly murdered by her husband speaks out

Spring Valley Funeral Director Anthony Oxendine heard their story and paid for the funeral expenses.
Published: May. 21, 2022 at 10:14 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Ronald Burdette is accused of shooting and killing his wife Cindy Burdette and shooting their 11-year old daughter, Holly.

Cindy’s daughters said they want people to know that their mother was a wonderful person and they’re still asking why she was killed.

At Burdette’s funeral on Saturday, family members of both Cindy and Ronald stood together to tell the story. Her death and the circumstances around it has brought them closer together as try to grip a new reality.

”Them coming here with the added support and it is absolutely a wonderful help,” Erica Stilger, the daughter of Cindy and Ronald said. “Even though they’re my dad’s side of the family, I don’t look at them any different. They’re family still.”

The daughters say the allegations are things they can’t forgive their father for.

”We have a strong love for dad still, it’s just hard to love him,” Cortney said. “It’s hard to have words.”

”Putting his pictures out on the media for all the citizens to see so he could be caught was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever did against my dad because I was loyal to my dad,” Stigler said. “I loved my dad, but I had to do it for my momma.”

Cortney said she briefly talked to her dad and he told her he loves them and didn’t mean to do it.

She said she didn’t have many words for him and was instead worrying about her mother’s funeral, something the family was not sure they could afford.

Spring Valley Funeral Director Anthony Oxendine heard their story and paid for the funeral expenses.

“Here’s a receipt,” Oxendine said. “The funeral was paid in full. I’ll take care of it.”

Oxendine also surprised the family with a table full of toys and clothes for the children, who were overcome with emotion as they laid out pictures of their mom.

“Every time I see a picture of mom, she’s just so pretty,” Cortney Burdette said. “I wish that she was still here.”

The family is working on a burial plan for Cindy. They said a plaque on the ground isn’t enough for her.

Stigler has taken custody of the 11-year old twins and Ronald and Cindy’s other children. Holly was shot in the left arm, and is going through therapy to recover.

Anyone who wishes to help the family can donate through their GoFundMe.

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