‘Left Field Lounge’ fans help cheer UofL Baseball to Regional Championship

UofL Baseball won its ninth Regional Championship in program history Monday, defeating Michigan 11-9.
Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 7:13 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A rain delay, a replay review and a hungry Michigan offense were almost enough to send the Wolverines on to the NCAA Super Regionals.

However, a dramatic, eighth-inning home run from Cameron Masterman lifted UofL Baseball to its ninth Regional Championship in program history.

Among the packed house at Jim Patterson Stadium was a section of fans who didn’t buy tickets, but still had the best seats in the house.

The group calls themselves the “Left Field Lounge,” and is made up of a group of family and friends, accompanied by two larger-than-life RVs.

“We see a lot of these same people out here, year after year after year,” Dion Hoskins said. “our friends and families. It’s become a tradition, and like I said, we’ve been doing this since ‘07.”

It’s been a 15-year tradition sitting atop the RVs and cheering on the Cards. Rocking the boat, in other words, when the Cardinals plate a run.

The group has seen UofL develop into a college baseball powerhouse.

“It’s the most fun thing you can do out here,” Tommy “Tailgater” Willett said. “It’s enjoyable. Everybody gets to party, and we just love it.”

The group began their journey in 2007, with an idea to bring the recreational vehicles to the ballgames. They found a honey hole down the left field line, and kept coming back.

Ever since, they’ve turned their piece of Patterson Stadium into a must-see attraction.

“It’s just a unique experience,” Marsha Cloud said. “You can’t sit with an RV and watch the actual game anywhere else. I mean, let me know where you can watch a game in an RV, anywhere.”

It doesn’t hurt UofL’s team is a bit more entertaining than most others in the league either.

“Well, they knock the crap out of the ball,” Willett said. “It’s really entertaining.”

Regardless of if the UofL bats stay cardinal-red hot, or a trip to the College World Series just isn’t in the cards, this troop of tailgaters will support the team.

“If Dan [McDonnell] takes us to Omaha, I’m going to make a commitment that we’ll be there,” Greg Cloud said.

UofL will play Texas A&M in a three-game series over the weekend. The winner advances to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.

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