FedEx, UPS drivers write comments on package about family’s abortion sign

A doorbell camera in Middletown captured a FedEx delivery driver writing something on a box.
Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 4:43 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 23, 2022 at 4:44 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - It sparked outrage and conversation the second it was posted on social media.

A doorbell camera in Middletown captured a FedEx delivery driver writing something on a box. Then, a UPS driver pulls out a marker of his own and writes his own message later that same day.

It was all centered around a sign in the family’s front yard, that said ‘keep abortion safe and legal.’

The family who lives in the home said that the sign has been up for months, but they’ve never had any issues.

Recently, their doorbell camera captured a FedEx driver writing on a box, while walking up their sidewalk to make a delivery.

The message reads ‘It shouldn’t be but don’t worry it will be, just not in Kentucky. Because it is murder of a life. Good day.’ The family believes that the message was in response to their yard sign.

“Literal shock,” Mallory Disbrow said. “I could not believe that a FedEx driver, wearing a FedEx uniform, would have written that. This isn’t a comment box on Facebook. This isn’t just something you drop and run away. I mean, we could absolutely knock on the door, have a conversation, I’d be willing to have a conversation about anything I put in my yard, that’s why I put it there.”

The story takes another twist when the couple’s surveillance cameras capture a UPS driver arriving later in the day. He appeared to read the message that the FedEx driver had written on the box, and proceeds to cross it out with a marker, writing instead ‘Continue to exercise your first amendment rights- UPS.’

“We create laws for humans, we need to be fair and expect others to treat everyone well, and we hope that’s the way our girls approach life,” Disbrow said. “We live on a street that has varying opinions about the world, and we all come together. We have a great street, we all come together, we have happy hours in the front yard.”

Disbrow’s husband, Chase Abell, said that the couple contacted FedEx, and an employee told them that they take these matters seriously, but they haven’t heard anything else.

“Why would somebody write a message like that on somebody else’s property?” Abell said. “I mean, we’re all entitled to our own opinions of course, but I didn’t stop him and write nasty comments on his truck before he drove away.”

The couple said that they plan to keep the box as a memento to use to teach their children someday.

“We’re just trying to set a better example, and try to make a better world for our girls, who are 20 months old.”

WAVE News reached out to both FedEx and UPS about the story.

Reporters with WAVE have been in touch with UPS, but have not received a formal statement. FedEx has not yet responded.

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