Finish Line Apartment tenants claim landlord won’t take payment, yet wants them evicted

Tenants say they received letters for not paying June rent, but say they couldn't.
Published: Jul. 4, 2022 at 5:28 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - In just 24 hours, some people who live in a Louisville apartment complex may be kicked out of their homes.

Tenants told WAVE News that some paid their rent, but others couldn’t because of a recent management change.

They said they have the cash to pay their June rent, as well as July rent that’s due Tuesday. But for weeks now, they said they’ve had no way to pay.

“Nobody can find somewhere to move in seven days,” Chelsea Bridges said.

Bridges said a number of tenants like her at the Finish Line Apartments have found themselves stuck. They’ve got a letter telling them to leave because they didn’t pay rent. But Bridges said they can’t.

“We no longer can pay using the app that we had, and the person who was in the leasing office who was new, was shutting the door in people’s faces, not taking money orders or cashiers checks,” Bridges said.

One resident opened her mailbox to find the same letter even though she paid on time last month.

“That’s the really scary part,” resident Zachary Davis said. “If they’re going to get a sheriff here and start throwing my stuff out on the streets.”

Davis said the current app won’t take a payment, and there’s no one in the office to pay.

“It’s shocking to me that they’ll give you a notice, but they don’t have any contact information, they don’t have an email or nothing to contact them by,” Davis said.

Property records show the complex changed hands in May. A new management company appears to be in charge.

They also show the corporate owner took out a $20 million mortgage. WAVE left a message for the management company, but like the tenants, couldn’t get through.

“Especially when it wasn’t my fault, and I’ve been trying to pay you, that’s crazy who doesn’t want their money, the only reason you don’t want money is you want the new money,” resident LaMonica Dickerson said.

Tenants believe they’re being run out to get new tenants in to pay higher rents.

Kentucky law requires the landlord to take each tenant to court.

All said they’ve nervously waiting to see what happens July 5th, because the rent is due, and they don’t want to go to court.

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