Louisville on track for triple-digit homicide numbers for third year in a row

The homicide rate has gone up every year since 2019.
Published: Jul. 3, 2022 at 11:09 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - No age group, from babies to young teens and mothers, has escaped Louisville’s gunfire. That’s even at some of the city’s most iconic public places.

The homicide rate has gone up every year since 2019. It’s hit triple digits, which is something that wasn’t heard of just a few years ago. That’s no longer the case.

June was full of violent headlines, including a mom and her toddler being shot, and bullets flying at the Big Four Bridge. We’re halfway through 2022, and so far, there have been 88 homicides as of Monday morning.

“The gun issue in America has gone unchecked for so long that we are clearly at a crisis point, that as law enforcement, we’re just managing,” LMPD Chief Erika Shields previously said.

Shields said that on June 13, after four separate shootings all happened within 26 hours. That includes a shooting at the Big Four Bridge where six people were injured. Police believe it all started over a scooter.

The violence has continued since then.

“We had 15 fatal homicides in the month of June.” Game Changers Executive Director Christopher 2X said. “We had 36 individuals in a separate category that got wounded by gunfire.”

2X is concerned about the trend Louisville is on. In 2021, the city reached a new record of 188 homicides.

“When you look at the pattern from 20, 21, and 22, it’s clear now that we’re still trending in a horrible direction of a hundred fatals a year,” 2X said.

July is already off to a bloody start.

“It was horrible the first two days of July,” 2X said. “Especially as it relates to kids. We had three juveniles that have impacted by reckless shootings. One child has unfortunately passed away. And then we got one that’s in critical condition, and another child is still recovering from that gunshot wound.”

2X said kids don’t have to be directly related to a shooting to be affected by it. Just being around gun shots and crime scenes impact their worldview.

“It can throw them off their focus when they try to go back into school and learn,” 2X said. “And equally, at the same time can affect their world where they don’t feel safe and they don’t feel like they have a thriving and inhabitable environment to grow.”

There’s been four shootings and two stabbings in the first three days of July. Two people have died and seven are still recovering.

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