Girl Power Strengthens Lyndon Baseball

Moms step up to the plate in Lyndon.
Moms step up to the plate in Lyndon.(Kendrick Haskins)
Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 9:56 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - An idea that was born out of necessity has turned into a reality. Moms are coaching the boys in baseball and Lyndon Recreation. “This year we had a situation where we were missing some coaches,” said Lyndon Recreation Association General Manager, Holly Knight. “They told us that if we didn’t find a coach that we probably weren’t going to have a league,” said mom/coach Kathryn Winspear. “It definitely was a little bit different. These kids aren’t used to having mom’s as coaches,” said mom/coach Stacey Westenhofer.

It took a little bit of time for the boys to get used to. “It’s pretty different because she’s here,” said Jacob Westenhofer. “It’s pretty different. I had to get adapted, but once I got adapted I like her being coach,” said Zachary Winspear. But overall, it’s been a smooth transition. “I joke if you can hit my pitches you can hit anything, and you’ll probably get used to getting hit by the ball,” laughed Stacey Westenhofer.

In this league, the ladies are not only running the show in the dugout, there’s also a pitcher making things happen on the mound. Thirteen year old Kate Christensen is arguably the best pitcher in the league and loves playing with the boys. My brother used to pitch all the time doing bullpens in the backyard all the time with my dad, and I saw it, and I was like that would be so fun.” Christensen said. She also plays short stop in softball, but pitching in baseball is her first love. “She’s not letting go of her baseball dream. She wants to pitch as long as she possibly can,” said Kate’s mother Kris Christensen. “I like having all the action. So, when I’m at pitcher I can control the pitches and stuff,” commented Kate.

Who knows? Maybe, just maybe Kate Christensen will be the woman who breaks into the highest level of the sport. “As she said to me when she was nine, she said, mom, how do you know that women can’t play baseball? I could be the first one,” said Kris Christensen.